One word. Two letters. Just a single syllable. That’s all it takes to evoke so many emotions in us. No matter how many people you know, none of them can take the place of your mother. Not only is she our favourite companion, she is also our partner-in-crime. She is someone with whom we absolutely love to hang out.

Here are 15 signs that scream out that our mother is our best friend:

1. She knows all our secrets

From crushes to favourite high school teachers, she knows every tiniest detail there ever has been about us and our lives. From studies to boyfriends, we don’t hesitate to discuss anything with her.


2. She is our favourite shopping partner

Shopping without her would be such a drab experience. Not only does she get us the best bargains, she also knows exactly what looks good on us, and therefore, gives great fashion advice.

3. …and the best adviser

She is and will always be the best source of advice for us. We may not admit it in front of her, but she is always right. Always! She is also blatantly honest with us.


4. She helps us cover up our blunders

She always comes to our rescue whenever we are stuck in a problem. It is because of her that we heave a sigh of relief even if we mess up. She also saves us from papa’s daant. She always stands by us and we love her even more for that.


5. She is always just a phone call away

Whatever problems we have, be it at work, college or anywhere else, she is always just a phone call away. She is also the first person we call when something important happens in our lives.


6. She is the one who knows the reason behind our nothing’s wrong, ma”

She knows exactly what’s happening in our lives, even if we don’t share it with her.


7. She is our favourite gossiping partner

From talking about friends to family to weird neighbours, she is our best gossiping partner as well as source of information.


8. She gets us the best gifts and never even needs an occasion


9. She cooks the most amazing food and saves the last spoon of kheer for us

She is always experimenting with food and making new recipes just for us. She also saves the last bite from all the amazing dishes exclusively for us!


10. Despite our annoying habits, she still loves us the most

She knows us inside out and has seen us at our worse, but still loves us the most.


11. We get some awesome hand-me-down clothes and accessories from her.

She shares the best clothes from her wardrobe with us. They are in fact our most prized possessions.


12. She knows how to cheer us up on a gloomy day

She has the magical power to cheer us up whenever we’re feeling low.


13. She knows when to have fun and when to be strict with us

She is the perfect mix of coolness and maturity.


14. She is our backbone

She gives us strength when we feel demotivated.


15. She can read you like a book

Even if you are miles away, she knows exactly what’s going on in your life, without you uttering a single word.


So, basically, she is all kinds of awesomeness rolled into one.

Thank you, mommy!