No one in our lives is as special as our mothers. From the time we are born, she has taken care of us and has devoted her life to teach us, groom us, spoil us, scold us and, most of all, love us more than anything else in the world. Her single motive is our happiness and our success. She lives and breathes for us. A mother’s love is second to none and it is beyond anything we can explain in words. Here are 15 things our mothers did that prove she is the ultimate saviour for us all:

1. She helps complete our homework

2. She hides things from dad to keep us out of trouble

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell him about your new boyfriend, we can say he’s just a friend.”

3. She gives us money when we really need it

“You’re going on a date? Here, take some more cash.”

4. She lies to our teacher when we don’t want to go to school

Not only does she write the note but she also confirms if the teacher calls home.

5. She prepares something to eat when we’re studying late into the night

She believes that if we eat well, we will score well and makes sure that our tummy is full all day and all night long.

6. She gives the best head massage possible

Her hands have god-like healing powers and nothing can be more soothing.

7. When you desperately need sleep, her lap is where you find comfort

Can’t sleep? No problem. Put your head on her lap and be ready for an awesome nap.

8. She stays up late to help us study for our tests

She asks the questions and we answer to learn better.

9. She oays for the damages we cause

“Sharmaji, here is the money for the window my son broke. Now don’t yell at him.”

10. She looks after us when we are unwell

No matter how ill you are, she will be next to you till you’re fighting fit again. Even if it takes forever.

11. She makes sure we’re well packed while travelling

“I thought I had not packed enough under garments for the trip until I looked in my bag and I was like… Thank you mom.”

12. She does not let failure bring you down

“So what you failed at science? You can always become an art student.”

13. She gets us out of trouble

No matter where we are, she is just a call away.

14. From bullies to bad dreams, she protects us from everything

Bad dreams may wake us up, but her touch is the superhero that makes it go away.

15. When we are super late, we suddenly see everything packed and ready to go

You rush out of the shower and you find clothes, breakfast, your bag and tiffin all set to go.

All in all, she is the best friend you will ever have. She brings you into the world and makes sure that you have the best time here. She stands by you better than anyone does and she gives you strength that is unparalleled to any. It is rightly said that God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.