Would you prefer gazing at the pristine blue water and dipping your feet in the warmth of the golden sand or does the wind in your hair while standing tall on a cliff excite you more? According to research, whatever you choose reveals a lot about your personality.

Now I am no psychologist, but science claims to know the answer to why we choose what we choose and what it says about us.

If you like beaches over mountains…

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You are one of the water babies (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and think that water is the best thing on the planet. You like having a good time with people and are a smooth talker. You love music and are likely to know how to play at least one instrument, or have always wanted to learn to play one.

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You have a large group of friends and are mostly on the phone because of your social nature. You are good at small talk and make friends easily. You live in the moment and don’t think too much about the future. When it comes to relationships, you are likely to choose a partner who is calm and mature.

And if you prefer mountains…

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You enjoy secluded places and are an introvert at heart. Some of you might be social, but would do anything to go out on a date with yourself. You like doing creative things. Whether it is writing, painting or sketching – the mountains bring out the best in you.

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You are more likely to wear your headphones and pretend to not be listening, rather than striking a conversation. Contrary to those who like being on the beach, you hate small talk. You are more into deeper conversations. Life, nature, philosophy – you talk about it all. You are also a great listener.

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So, mountains or beaches?