In a report that’s bound to ruffle a few feathers, Mumbai has emerged as the world’s cheapest city to live and work in among the top 12 metropolitan cities. Savills World Research recently put up a report about the 12 top metropolitan cities of the world, ranking them on the basis of how expensive it is to accommodate an employee. T he index measures the combined cost of residential and office rental per person per year.

Mumbai has turned out to be the cheapest ‘world city’ out of the 12, with it costing $29,088 to accommodate an employee.

Source – Transtech

As reported by Savills , London, Hong Kong and New York have emerged as the world’s most expensive cities for companies to accommodate employees however, with costs averaging $118,425 in the first half of 2015 in London.

Everyone knows Mumbai is insanely expensive when it comes to rent, living and work. In fact, in a recent survey, Mumbai was actually ranked the 74th most expensive city in the world. In response, Yolande Barnes, director of Savills World Research said, “Mumbai is the only city we looked at as it is the only ‘world city’ in India which shares the same fame, prominence, international reach and ‘investability’ as other global cities such as New York, Hong Kong and Sydney.”

Source – Savills

However, it is important to note that most workers in the city of Mumbai do not live and work in the international-standard accommodation that Savills measures, and that the GDPs are technically incomparable.