November 12th, around 2:30 pm, a busy ticket booth at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in Mumbai erupted with more excitement than usual when a fierce argument broke out between the railways employee manning the booth and the crowd at the counter.

She was counting the bundle of cash on her desk which irked the people standing at the counter. One of them pointed out how she should be counting the money later and dispensing the tickets was more urgent. She retorted by with stern words that roughly translates into “back off and don’t tell me what to do”… and that’s when the gloves come off.

Amidst an ever-so-popular “awaaz nichey” from someone in the crowd to her getting up from her seat and calling out for uniformed back-up, the reality soon dawns – the average everyday Indian is a stressed out, impatient, angry person.

Have a look.

Railway employees could use some sensitivity training and the rest of us, can maybe get off our entitled high horses and let already stressed out people in the service sector do their jobs without ganging up on them.

The Ministry of Railways’ Twitter account says that disciplinary action has been initiated against the employee in the video.