Music is something you can’t live without? Then you have reason to cheer! Apart from uplifting your mood instantly, being in a serious relationship with music can help you in several other ways. Here are some of the facts found about people who love music through scientific studies in the past :

1. A study published in The Royal Society , shows that women looking for men to date, tend to lean more towards talented musicians.

The study recorded dating preferences of women at different times of their menstrual cycle. It was found that they preferred men who were composers to those who were not for casual relationships. In fact, they preferred men who composed more complex music.

2. Researchers at Northwestern University have concluded that listening to music helps in the strengthening of working memory.

According to the researcher Nina Kraus, listening to music is like a good workout for the brain. The study found that musicians have the ability to remember information pertaining to auditory signals better owing to their training which makes their working memory better than that of others.

3. The Journal of Neuroscience published a study according to which learning music promotes neural processes which prevent ADHD.

The study conclusively reports that owing to a greater synchronisation between the two hemispheres of the brain which results from musical education, children are at a lower risk of developing ADHD.

4. Researchers at the University of Texas have proof that musicians are better adept to remember things from the past.

Owing to their exposure to pictorial cues while learning music, musicians develop a better long term memory. However their excellent long term memory is limited to pictures. SO elephants are still the best in that category, I guess.

5. Researchers have found that the ability to pick a rhythm allows musicians to learn a language more easily than others.

The initial steps to learning a language involve identifying the rhythms of speech. Training as a musician guarantees being adapted to the laws of rhythm. This helps in quickening the learning process to a considerable extent.

6. Listening to music helps them run more, helps them run faster.

According to this study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research , music activates the Prefrontal Cortex region, improving recovery during running. Subjects listening to fast-paced songs performed better in comparison to those listening to slow-paced songs.

7. Listening to music, and a whole range of frequencies makes musicians less prone to hearing disabilities.

With age, humans stop listening to higher frequencies. Apart from using Sound Therapy to cure several hearing related diseases, researchers have established that listening to music helps people keep hearing disabilities at bay. The constant exposure to different frequencies of sound is the reason for this.

8. Songs which you have never heard before, help you drive safer on the road.

This study published in Science Direct , analysed the effect of music on drivers. They found out that people made more mistakes while listening to familiar songs. On the other hand, a specially made composition helped them drive better.

9. According to a study by Boston Children’s Hospital , children with musical training have enhanced executive functioning.

Executive functions comprise processing and retaining information, solve problems and other such cognitive activities. And in comparison to children with no musical background, children with some amount of musical training performed several executive functions better.

10. Music helps boost the growth of grey matter as this study published in Psychology Today suggests.

It has been found that musicians have a greater volume of grey matter in comparison to others. And that translates into better performance in academics. So, greater engagement with music brings better academic performance quite naturally.

11. Classical music helps in improving the IQ of the listener.

Though what kind of music you listen to is determined by a lot of factors, it is scientifically proven that people who love classical music have more grey matter than those who listen to pop music or no music at all.

12. According to this study , music lovers will excel better at Geometry because of their talents of spatial reasoning.

Loving music helps one understand maths. Can you believe that? Music helps in developing the regions of the brain responsible for making spatial judgements. Hence, music lovers are better at geometry.

It is time to make music your religion, if it isn’t already!

The beautiful artwork has been done by Aakanksha Pushp .