Opening your own business, going on that dream vacation, driving your dream car – we all have such dreams – some big, some small. We often pack the big ones in a safe place in our heads in the hope that ‘someday’ we’ll fulfill them by slogging our asses at work. But believe you me, there is and there never will be any better time than right now to finally fulfill these desires.

I hate to give the ‘Life is short’ philosophy but the truth is that it really is. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? So, give your dreams a chance and fulfill them before you are sixty and balding and have lost all your teeth, as you sit alone in regret and wonder what might have been if only you had chased your dreams.

Here are 10 dreams that you must fulfill on priority.

1. Go ahead with that start-up plan

Don’t we all have such dreams and ambitions? A small business of our own, a nice ride, along with the company of friends and family. Take a chance, quit your job and go ahead with that start-up plan. Sure it might drain out your resources for a while but trust us, it will be worth it!


2. Or even better, open your very own cozy cafe

Who doesn’t love food? A lot of us have casually mentioned opening up an eat-out place, be it a dhaba or a cozy cafe, along with our friends. Start small. Take a loan. Fulfill your dream. You won’t regret it.


3. Go for that dream vacation

It’s been quite some time now that you’ve been delaying that vacation because, well, it is expensive. Save money for a while, don’t eat out for a month or two, and take a chance with that trip.


4. Drive your dream vehicle

A Merc, a Ferrari, an Audi, or just a Bullet – whatever it is, drive your dream vehicle. If you can’t afford it yet, rent it out. Experience how it feels to be driving one and then work your way towards buying one for yourself.


5. Take care of your body. Get those six-pack abs you’ve been dreaming about since forever now

Join a gym, do yoga or just walk. There will not be a better time to take care of your body than right now.


6. Take a trip to Goa with your best friends

No combination in the world can beat that of Goa and Best Friends. If you haven’t done this already, you are missing out on life.


7. Indulge in at least one adventure sport

Deep sea diving, sky diving or just river rafting – whatever it is, face your fears and let the adrenaline do the talking.


8. Spend on experiences, not just things

Attend your favourite band’s concert. Splurge on that expensive spa treatment.  Learn to play a musical instrument.  You would spend that much money on partying  anyway.

9. Get your dream job

Quit that job you hate. You’ll realize soon enough that there is no such thing as job security. Even if you work hard, there’s no guarantee that you’ll keep your job. So stop postponing something that you love just for the sake of earning a salary. Fight hard for that dream job. Go, get it!


10. Fulfill someone else’s dream

And while you’re at it, help someone else fulfill their dream too. Some of us are not as lucky as the rest of us. You’d be surprised to see how small their dreams can be. Buy someone food and say hello to the little child you see everyday at the traffic signal. You’ll be doing more good to yourself than to them.


Feel free to add on to the list and keep dreaming. Because if you can have a dream, you sure can achieve it too.