Although age isn’t really a bar when it comes to sports, but adventure sports is a totally different ball-game altogether. Now, you wouldn’t want to be holding onto your back while jumping off a cliff, would you? Or, get on a dirt bike with that not-so-humble paunch of yours? Face the fact, your body is changing and you’ve only got a few years left!

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

– Helen Keller

So, before you lose out on the prime years of your life, make sure you’ve stricken off these extreme sports from your before-30 bucket list:

1. Give gravity some tough time by riding a dirt bike.

Run through rock terrains and mountainous regions, as you fly across the obstructions. But absolutely DO NOT if you haven’t trained yourself long enough.

2. Glide like a bird in a wingsuit.

Jump off cliffs, high rise building and bridges and sail through at a speed of over 160 Km/h.

3. Rule the waves on a surfboard!

There’s no better feeling than having and adrenaline pumping race with the currents of the ocean!

4. Conquer the mountains like you OWN them.

If you’re a fan of indoor rock climbing, your next step is to try B ouldering out in the open air.

5. Skydive and enjoy freefall at freakin’ 37,000 feet.

Skydiving is a three-in-one experience. You get to fly on a jet plane, jump off the plane, then parachute your way down to land. Perfect experience for anyone who just wants to let go!

6. Sail through snowclad ramps and into the sky.

There is nothing like the feeling of skiing down the slopes with the wind against your face while enjoying the splendor of picturesque snow-covered mountains all around you.

7. Parasail at 10,000 feet to get a birds-eye view!

Sailing across the sea, with the wind in your hair, looking at the miniature sized structures and people along the beach, while the motor boat propels you to great heights with a harness and a parachute, is a breathtaking experience.

8. Taking the leap of faith from a Bunjee Jumping platform!

If you want to know what free falling feels like then B ungee Jumping is right for you!

9. Soar over the ocean on a Flyboard.

Think of it like riding the waves on a superpower water jet-pack that’s right under your freakin’ feet!

10. Take off from a cliff and dive right into the depths of the ocean.

If you’re tired of just diving into your pool, then you need to go C liff Jumping . It’s the extreme version of using a diving board.

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