All you girls out there, we all know that there’s only one person more important in our lives than Mr. Right. It’s our crazy girlfriend. There’s no way we could go through our lives if it weren’t for this mad, crazy, insane, fun-loving crazy girlfriend. Here are 13 reasons why every girl needs a crazy girlfriend.

1. When you feel the weight of your job woes and your relationship woes are too much to handle, one evening with her will make you feel on top of the world again.

2. She’s the only person who will say “We’re just getting started” after hours and hours of non-stop shopping.

3. If any weirdo guy tries to get flirty with you while you’re both out, she’ll make sure he regrets he ever walked up to you.

4. Everytime you’re afraid to take a risk, she’ll remind you ‘if it’s worth it, it’s worth taking a risk’.

5. There are times when none of your other friends will have the nerve to tell you that you’re being stupid in love but she will.

6. She makes dealing with break ups a lot less painful and a lot more tolerable.

7. She knows you inside out that if something’s wrong with you she’s the first person your mother calls up to discuss the issue with.

8. Sleepovers are a weekly thing for the two of you, either at her place or at yours.

9. There are some deep dark disturbing thoughts you can’t share with anyone but with her OH YES! because she makes you feel comfortable by starting with her own list.

10. She teaches you that the most important thing in life is to just live every moment and have fun!

11. When the whole world scoffs at you for chasing your dreams, your girlfriend will be by your side cheering you on.

12. Everytime you start doubting yourself, your girlfriend will be there to make sure you believe in yourself!

13. Everytime an asshole makes you lose your faith in humanity, your girlfriend will be there to restore it!

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