Festivals or not, we don’t need a reason to make ourselves feel good, and what better way to do that other than getting your nails done. But spending huge bucks on nail art? Naah! We’re on a budget here, after all. Improvisation is the way to go girl! And I betcha, you’ll be surprised with how pretty your home-made talons look like!

1. The shattered glass nails

This trend is catching up and the best part, it is super easy to do. Just stick some sharply cut cellophane paper on your freshly manicured nails. Voila!


2. The geometrical nails

Scotch tape is your best friend, if you’re really interested in nail art. You can create gazillion designs with its help.


3. The Gradient nail

Get the ruffled gradient look on your nails, in the easiest way possible!


4. The lightning nails

Let there be lightning! Scratch off some of your nail paint to get this pretty design.


5. The cute bow nails

You might need to have some finesse for this. So keep your hands steady girls!


6. The kaboom nails

Make your nails the site of a kaboom-ing explosion with this easy trick. Just paint over the placed scotch tape. Voila!


7. The pretty lace nails

Getting a complicated lace design on your nails, is easy now. Just dab the nail polish with a sponge after covering them with lace.


8. The ombre nails

Just mix two colours with a sponge and dab. Easy peasy.


9. The single dot nail

If you want to keep it simple and chic. Nobody’s going to ask you how you did it, but you’re gonna be oozing oodles of chicness for sure.


10. Jackson Pollock aka splattered nails

Give your nails the uber Jackson Pollock painting look. This one might be a bit tricky, but you’ll get there.


11. The dotted row nails

Use a bobby pin, or the head of a pin to get almost perfect dots.


12. The polka dotted nails

Get transported back in time with this easy hack for polka dots.


13. The Triangle nail

Nail the chic look with this bright coloured triangle nail art.


14. The sharpie nails

Yes, you can simply use a sharpie and draw all kinds of designs you want.


15. The Aztec nails

This one is going to be beautiful when it finishes, but till then it’s going to take some time.


16. Solve the puzzle nails

This is for when you get bored looking at some unattractive boys out there.


17. The newspaper nails

Keep ahead of everyone with this simple, but interesting hack.


18. The striped nails

Use a thin fan brush to get perfect stripes across your nails for a professional manicured look.


19. The Half-moon nails

Get the perfect half moon manicured look with this simple hack. Couple the colours of your choice and go crazy!


20. The clouded nails

The sky at you feet is passe, get them to your nails with these easy steps.


Get, set painting ladies!