Love can make you do things your mother and school Principal could never get you to do. Crazy little thing called love, I tell you.

Take Becca C for example, a London based YouTuber who’s made the long distance relationship dream work with her Indian boyfriend of 3 years.

She’s bridged the distance and the cultural gap by learning to speak Hindi. And you’ll be surprised by how good she’s at it!

Becca’s learning Hindi so she can change Bollywood’s portrayal of foreign women as ‘loose’.

That’s a pretty unique and proactive reason to learn a language!

She also harbours another passion, something she’s always wanted to knock off her bucket list. Meeting Shah Rukh Khan. So it’s not just love that transcends boundaries, it’s also Bollywood!

Becca got voted among the top 10 people to star in Happy New Year and got to meet SRK.

Good things do happen to good people! She claims she could barely croak out a hello when she finally met him, which is how most of us would also probably react upon meeting the star(I’d just be like “wadduup!”).

We’re pretty happy she finally got to realise her dream of meeting Shah Rukh Khan, and it’s also kind of heartwarming to see that she and her long distance boyfriend are still keeping it real. A good time to be alive!