A trip to a Croma store is like a visit to Wonderland for any geek. There’s so much tech sitting out there on glorious display. It’s like being a kid in a candy store. Only in this candy store, you can sample everything! Here are a few ways we’ve all nerded out at these places:

1. Pushing all the buttons and toggling all the knobs on every single appliance. Because it feels like you’re in the NASA control room.

2. Playing around with that phone you’ve always wanted but haven’t saved up enough to buy.

3. Heading to the Laptop section, asking for your dream machine, pretending to use it with the intention of buying it while secretly promising yourself, that next month, it will be yours.

4. Walking up to the Television section and asking for a demo of the latest 3D TV. #LikeABoss

5. Using one of the demo gaming consoles to try out the latest games on a giant 60 inch screen. Such graphics. Much Wow.

6. Walk over to the headphones section, take a demo of everything that’s on display then ask for the most expensive pair and drop this: “pink colour main nahi hai?”

7. Take a ‘demo’ of all the tablets displayed. After all, it’s hard to decide between iOS & Android.

8. Check out ALL the refrigerators! It’s so much of fun to open each door, peak inside and see how much space there is!

9. Head to the Home Theater section and ask someone to show you how loud a speaker can go!

10. Ask for a universal remote; use it on all the appliances and get blown away.

11. Sitting on the couch in front of million TVs, trying to figure out which one is the clearest.

12. Take a random selfie on one of the displayed phones and set it as its wallpaper. #TrueStory. #LULZ

We can do all this and much more without feeling conscious because Croma is a dreamland for geeks. And while the store is no less than techno-heaven for us, the Croma website has a bunch of innovative features too. And you just can’t beat the convenience. Check it out here .

Random button pressing and white goods ogling, here I come!

Sponsored by Croma