Going out to play is so overrated. I mean, what's the whole point. The sweat, the dirt, the risk of getting injured. Why would you want any of this? Why can't we all just stay indoors and play on our laptops or watch something on our televisions instead? Here are 23 reasons to support my point:

1. Playing outside is always so tiring.

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2. All you do is sweat. And stink.

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3. And get dirty.

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4. Your clothes are definitely going to get ruined.

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5. And if it's sunny, you'll also get a tan.

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6. And if you have sensitive skin, you'll probably get sunburnt as well.

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7. There is always a chance that you might get hurt.

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8. Then who's going to take care of you?

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9. Why would you play as a kid?

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10. It's never going to pay off when you grow up.

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11. Besides, in India, if you don't play cricket, nobody will know you.

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12. And history is going to forget you anyway. I mean, who remembers Major Dhyan Chand?

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13. Also, sports is only meant for guys.

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14. Which girls succeeds in sports?

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15. You won't learn much as it is.

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16. There is no innovation or creativity involved.

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17. And there is nothing extreme to excite you.

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18. You have to be physically strong to enjoy outdoors.

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19. And you can't do anything alone.

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20. Plus there is always an age restriction.

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21. Aren't video games much easier and healthier? They run for you.

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22. And you get to be safe and sound indoors. What fun!

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23. With so many issues involved with playing outside, how do you expect to enjoy?

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In case you did not get it, this is a sarcastic article. Going outdoors to play is very healthy and important. Kids these days have already missed out on so much with video games and TV shows taking over. There was a time when we couldn't wait to go outside and play. Sweating it out, getting tired and scraping our knees made it all the more fun. It was necessary for our survival. It still is, because how else will you enjoy life?

"We should make the most of life. Enjoy it because that's the way it is." - Cristiano Ronaldo