For Indians, Bollywood isn’t just a film industry. For us, it’s an intrinsic part of our lives. And thanks to social media, now, Hindi film stars are even part of our daily lives. We love them, adore them and just can’t do without them. Too much of fandom, you think? There’s no such thing as that when it comes to your favourite superstar. 

Speaking of superstar, who better to define this word than the King Khan himself. The undisputed Baadshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan isn’t just any major celebrity. For his fans, he’s the ultimate one. And like any other celeb worth his salt, amidst all the love and adulation, he also gets his fair share of criticism. 

Frankly, as a diehard SRK fan, I’ve never understood this criticism. Though you’re allowed to dislike him, I guess! 

But do you have to say these things to an ardent SRK fan?

Here are 10 things you should never say to an SRK fan. And if you do, here’s what you can expect!

1. He does the same acting in every single movie. He has no variety.

Swades, Chak De, Darr. Next question please.


If answering the ridiculous questions posed before him in an intelligent and witty manner is called being cocky, then yes, SRK is cocky.


You know what SRK means? Superior to Ranbir Kapoor!


Here’s a gun. You know what to do next.


Yeah, sure and The Godfather would have been the same had you cast Woody Allen instead of Marlon Brando, right?


How many non-hindi speakers faint at the sight of Salman, again? Other than Katrina and Jacqueline, that is?


Because he isn’t a factory. He gives a damn about making that one movie the best one of the year. Wait till Raees.


Are you listening to yourself? Are you? Because I don’t think you are.


Uh! Because he’s a human being with emotions and because he’s got the most amazing heart!


10. Ra. One.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.