They are stinky, always full of people, unhygienic and take so long to get from one place to another that we prefer taking a flight or enjoy the comforts of a car. Trains in India are not worth spending your money or worth wasting your time on.

Here are a 23 absolute reasons that are sure to make you hate trains even more:

1. Train journeys are so long. What can you possibly do?

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2. There is no recreation whatsoever.

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3. There is never a good view out of the window.

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4. Like seriously! There is absolutely nothing good to see on the way.

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5. All the routes are so pathetic.

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6. Literally, no good sights anywhere.

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7. The train stations are just ugly.

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8. Not a single one looks good!

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9. All the trains are so dirty...

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10. Even the stations are not clean!

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11. Kids just get bored and annoy everybody.

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12. The trains are uncomfortable.

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13. There is no kind of service.

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14. There is nothing good to eat!

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15. Sometimes you may have to bring your own food, but who likes home-cooked meals, right?

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16. You don't meet any interesting people.

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17. They are all rude and not helpful at all.

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18. Every train is the same, no unconventional ideas anywhere.

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19. They could have at least tried something different.

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20. Unlike the trains abroad, there are no luxurious ones here.

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21. Why would they do something like this?

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22. After all, a train is just a few boxes put together on wheels, right? Why would you want to sit in one?

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23. And not take a flight or go by road?

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In case you did not get it, this is a sarcastic post. As kids, most of us have taken a lot of these journeys. So trains reek of nostalgia; they are cramped with memories of a journey and surrounded by dangerously beautiful views.

After all, it is not about the destination, it is how you get there.