Every year, so many of us move to new cities. Some of us move out for education while the rest of us shift in search of jobs. Settling in a new city is not an easy task. But it is an amazing experience and before you realize, you fall in love with the place. The whole experience makes you independent, fearless and thankful to others.

Nothing can match the experience of living on your own in a new place surrounded by different people and culture. Here are 10 reasons why moving to a new city is a very  decision:

1. It makes you independent

Initially, everything is new and unfamiliar. But as time passes, you start adjusting and leave your fears behind.

2. You develop a sense of responsibility

You realize you have to do everything on your own as there is no one to take care of you. You start spending your money wisely and become more responsible.

3. You become self-sufficient

It teaches you to fight on your own instead of depending on your family or friends. It helps you to stay strong during tough times.

4. Your confidence goes up

Once you start living on your own, you feel empowered and start believing in yourself. You become ready to conquer all your fears.

5. You make new friends and meet new people

With a diverse mix of culture, you are introduced to new people with no expectations at all. Soon, you end up spending time with new people and making new friends.

6. You learn to adapt to new situations

You get exposed to new rules, people, culture and lifestyle. Eventually, you understand your surroundings and adapt accordingly.

7. You retrospect and move ahead confidently

You introspect on your experiences and start afresh. New city, new people and new you. It will help you become who you always wanted to be.

8. You grow as a person

Your perspective broadens, you become open minded and criticism doesn’t bother you any more. You also stop being afraid of change.

9. You spend more time with yourself

You get the chance to get to know yourself better. You start recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. You reflect more on things, and trivial matters don’t bother you anymore.


10. Absence makes your heart grow fonder

And soon enough, you start missing home and family. You respect your parents more and can’t wait to go back home.


Falling in love with a new place is something you need to experience at least once. It will teach you many lessons that will prepare you for life.