Advertising is not just about content, it's about other things too such as placement and timing. If your ad is well placed or well timed, success is sure to follow. Here are 14 such brilliantly placed print ads that surely caught the eye of all those who were reading the newspaper:

1. When America voted for a new president and George Bush's regime ended.

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2. Aquaguard shows why it has been trusted by Indians for so long.

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3. Some papers have bad ink quality that can leave stains on your fingers. Tata advertised its 24X7 road assistance service through this by saying, "don't get your hands dirty."

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4. A very clever and bold move by Air India on the day congress went out of power.

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5. When The Hindu placed its ad in the Times of India.

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6. Durex has always been known for its creativity and they proved it once more on Father's Day. What timing!

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7. The ad that would surely make you look to the sky and wish it was a real shadow.

Game of Thrones new season launch.

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8. The best way to announce a sale.

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9. Fact.

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10. Simple, true and creative.

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11. Fevicol shows why our country really is "saare jahaan se accha" .

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12. Kim dumped her ex within 72 days and later she married Kanye West, who was clearly warned via this ad.

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13. Knocking off prices and the competition.

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14. This one was just brave.

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