Nice guys out there, I have good news and bad news. As it turns out, science has answers to the Nice Guy Paradox , women’s dating choices can actually *gasp* be made sense of (well, to some extent). An article doing the rounds of the Internet grabbed our attention, and here’s the general idea and some rudimentary research to get you started.

NOTE: We did not make this stuff up. We read it somewhere, and are as amused as you are right now. We love nice guys. And jerks. And dolphins.

1. Nice Guys are boring and submissive.

Research shows that women’s definition of the nice guy is usually include a person who is submissive, under-confident and trying a little too hard to please women. This, in women world translates to a boring, uneventful relationship.

2. Nice Guys are irritating.

Apparently, their meek and submissive nature makes it easy for people to exploit a nice guy. While admittedly women feel sympathy for a guy in that situation, they most certainly lose their patience with the kind after a short stint. (reference same as above).

3. Girls are more likely to choose a bad guy over a nice guy for a date.

Physical attributes, confidence and an ability to attract attention towards themselves make Bad Boys interesting and attractive to women in the shorter run.

4. Girls find physically attractive guys more desirable.*

*Conditions apply: This is just a general low-down on how things are. But in majority of cases, girls pick out the hot guy over the safe guy when they’re in the mood for some fun.

5. Chicks dig guys who are full of themselves.

Research shows that women actually like narcissistic men, even though they know it’s a bad idea.

6. Worse, women just don’t seem to learn from experiences.

Believe it or not, more experienced women tend to fall for narcissistic men according to a paper by scholars V. Tamara Montrose and Carrie Haslam.

7. Women perceive nice guys as having fewer sexual partners.

In general, women perceive nice guys as people who have a lot less fun than the bad, adventurous jerks out there, and actually believe that nicer men are likely to have less sexual partners.

As you can see, things are looking pretty bleak for Mr. Nice Guy in the relationship department. But before you resign yourselves to the Land of the Permanent Friendzone, let’s look at the brighter side.

I have good news for you.

The very same body of research pointed out in the points above, makes a very solid point in your favour.

Women prefer nice guys for long term relationships.

It’s true. Nice guys, with their dependable, thoughtful and caring attitude, make for great partners and women know it. So congratulations, you guys.

Looks like you lost the battle but you won the war!