Early to bed and early to rise may make one healthy, wealthy and wise, but you are a creature of the dark. You’d rather seize the night than seize the day. You just can’t understand why anybody would waste a perfectly good night by sleeping!

If you belong to the brotherhood of night crawlers, then this is the story of your life:

1. While everybody’s clock goes from AM to PM, yours goes from PM to AM.

2. Every night, you sit down to watch one episode of your favorite show and the next thing you know, half the season is over and the sun is out.

3. You feel guilty for not sleeping on time. Every day you resolve to sleep early but it just never happens.

4. You are dull and irritable throughout the day, but at night you turn into a creative genius!

5. You sulk about how places in your city shut so early. You’re grateful for all the 24x7s and late night home-delivery places in town.

6. ” Abhi toh raat jawaan hai!” has become your catchphrase.

7. Your friends call you ‘ ulloo’ and you don’t like it. But you’re okay with ‘vampire.’

8. The Internet becomes a superhero by night and everything opens in a flash! You are flying through the Internet, annnnd… it’s morning.

9. Those expensive sunglasses you bought look great on you but you never get a chance to wear them.

10. When your friends plan a brunch, they don’t bother inviting you. You get to know about it later from Facebook photos.

11. At a house party, you hate it when people fall off to sleep. ” Kyun so raha hai yaar!”

12. You don’t understand what’s so great about waking up to watch the sunrise. You see it every day.

13. Instant messaging is never instant in your case. Either you are sleeping or your friends are sleeping, so replies come after several hours.

14. You are more in touch with your friends staying abroad, because only they’re available to talk to at night, when your other friends are asleep.

15. You have started operating in silent mode because you can’t be loud at night. When people are talking normally, you find it too loud.

16. Breakfast? What breakfast?