If there’s one place that’s more home than your actual home, it has to be yourfavourite nightclub. For today’s generation clubbing is part of there lifestyle, like going to work. And just like in your office, there are a lot of interesting characters you meet when you’re in a nightclub. Here are 10 kinds of people you meet in a nightclub:

1. The hands on couple who just can’t seem to keep their hands off each other!

They are often at these nightclubs with a single friend of theirs whose job it seems it is to break new heights of awkwardness.

2. The guy for whom drinking means downing shot after shot.

This over enthusiastic clubber will call for vodka or tequila shots at the drop of a coin for anything and everything.

3. The girl who never seems to exit the restroom.

Unless there’s a secret ‘Mumford & Sons’ concert going on in there, there’s no reason to stay in there for so long!

4. The amateur flirt who constantly hits on every woman with charming lines like “Hey don’t I know you?” Or “Are you here alone?”

5. The ‘woohoo’ girls.

Whose excitement reaches such incomprehensible levels that it turns into a high pitch howl every half an hour. Especially if their favourite song plays then “woohoo!!”

6. The guy whose only mission in life is to make the DJ play as many of his requests as possible.

Never worry about this guy getting lost, you can always find him within 10 cms of the DJ booth.

7. The one person who always manages to drop a glass in the club.

It brings the club to a standstill for about half a second but every nightclub has at least one of these droppers.

8. The couple who fights inside the nightclub.

Mostly their fight gets drowned out by the music but you can always see one of them storm out of the club with the other one running after them.

9. The over aggressive guy who gets super pissed off even if you brush against him in the crowd.

10. The crazy karaoke guy.

The one who appears on every single karaoke night so well prepared you’d think he was Frank Sinatra’s reincarnation. He barely lets anyone else get a shot at the mic and wants the entire place silent when he’s performing.