Any person who wears a bra knows its hatred towards the human flesh. You move, it cuts. There are times, mostly in the unbearable Indian summer, when you feel that this device was designed to punish the wearer. This marvelous contraption – a product of the human brain, has proved that the human brain is intrinsically sadistic. Otherwise, why would you create and make people wear it? Why, we ask?

Although there are a few fine points to its existence also. Like how the bra makes you feel good about yourself. And makes you feel pretty. And you can also use it as a pocket sometimes. Sometimes.

There are also a few heroic ladies like Jennifer Lawrence, Cameron Diaz and Cyndi Lauper who only have a hate-hate relationship with the bra. And that heroism also comes along with an added inability to mince words and we love them for it. Bless you, ladies!

You get the gist – there is a tumultuous love-hate affair between the bra and the wearer. Only one day in the entire year is exempt from that torture-fest. The Internet made sure of it. That day is October 13th, which is today, also known as No Bra Day.

Now, for the finer details of the No Bra Day. This is part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month , which happens to be October. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an international health campaign organised by major breast cancer charities to make people aware of the disease – its impact, its cause, its prevention and cure and also its treatment. Through the Breast Cancer Awareness Month these charities also raise funds.

Created in 2011, the No Bra Day campaign has swept social media leading supporters of the movement and survivors of breast cancer to encourage fellow women to ditch the contraption for a day.

All for a good cause, we say!