Finish what you start.

As much as you may try, there are certain things you just can’t seem to finish. At times you just give up and slimily walk away. And sometimes, you realize there’s just no end to it. How many of these account for your unfinished business?

1. A gym routine

“I’m going to wake up at 6 every day and hit the gym.” Will happen for the next 7 days at best.

2. A diet plan

How many times have you said, “In 2 months all this fat will be gone!” You meant every word of it, and had every intention of pulling it off; but healthy food is just so uninteresting…

3. Exam Prep

There are some who will finish the syllabus and revise it twice. And then there are those who hate these nerds. It’s safe to say that’s most of us. Even if we have 10 days, we begin on the last day and NEVER finish!

4. Cleaning a messy room

You begin one fine day, beaming with optimism. And then you get distracted with the lost stuff you find. And before long, you chuck the idea of cleaning; or you forget that you even had such a plan.

5. New Year Resolutions

“I stuck to my resolutions from the first day through the entire year,” said no one ever.

6. Lies

You act smart. You tell a lie. You tell another lie to cover it up. Repeat in infinite loop.

7. A movie marathon

We start very enthusiastically. Then for most of the time, we fight about which movies to watch. And then someone sleeps off.

8. An all-night party

All night parties can never be literally all night. Either neighbours complain about noise or a fight breaks out or someone pukes. They say shit happens. Shit is just doomed to happen at every all-night party, making it an almost all-night party.

9. Saving money

You start every month with the firm intent of saving a part of your salary. And then, “where the hell did all my money go!”

10. A large thali

You drool at sight. You feel greedy. You think you’ll eat it all. You start hogging. And halfway through, you realize you’ve eaten more than you should.

11. Online shopping

Some things you can’t finish. And then there are some things you can’t finish. Once you discover the joy of online shopping, there’s no going back. Your hands will always be full and your wallet will always be empty.

12. Himesh Reshammiya’s movies

Here’s a challenge: watch Aap Ka Suroor in one go. His confidence is commendable, but Himesh should pay people who sit through his movies.

13. Extravagant/overambitious plans

You begin to plan these plans-of-a-lifetime. Other people jump in throw in their ideas. People back out. It never works out. But you guys still continue planning.

14. Gossip

You hear something. Someone hears something. You talk. Then somethings comes back to bite you. It’s a circle that you can’t break out of.

15. An argument with Arnab Goswami

He just won’t let you fin…

Gifs source: Giphy