Meet someone new. Exchange numbers. Late-night conversations. Question-answer games. Ask out. Dates. Lose interest. Meet someone new. Exchange numbers. Late-night conversations…. We all know the drill all too well, don’t we?

With so many options and so little connection, dating today has become a task. There’s more socialising, less talk, more getting in the action, less knowing the other person, more jazz and less soul. Hasn’t it all got so monotonous? Don’t you feel like giving up on dating all together? If you find yourself in the same boat, here are some points that suggest you are done with dating.

1. You have become too lazy to go out on dates and love your time at home and with friends.

2. Dressing up is such a pain and you love your pyjamas a little too much!

3. When you do go out, you have to make an extra effort to talk to new people.

It just doesn’t come naturally to you anymore.

4. Your text replies to your date are as slow as they can be.

While you were always on the other side first, now even replying is a struggle.

5. You don’t find the compliments flattering anymore. You’re like whatever!

6. On a serious note, you can’t get your own life together, leave alone the other person’s.

7. Besides, the single life has become too convenient for you.

8. You would rather spend money on yourself than on your dates.

9. You have come to realise that you hate people.

They are all the same!

10. The slightest annoying thing about them irritates you to the core.

11. Also, to be honest, you are tired of looking for ‘the one.’

12. You detest feelings now.

13. And have begun to doubt the concept of dating.

14. Also, you just don’t have the time for it anymore.

15. To be honest, you also sort of suck at it.

16. Last but not least, you know that you are still awesome and don’t need a companion to feel good.