In a world full of gizmos and gadgets that are constantly being updated, you choose to step away from the crowd and do your own thing. And for good reason! Your plenty smart for your life, and you don’t think you need a phone to up your smartness. Here’s a bunch of other reasons why you don’t need a smartphone in your life. Because I’m in full support!

1. You don’t have to worry about dropping it.

It’s a phone. Not a baby.

2. You don’t need fancy apps to save it from theft. No one will steal it anyway.

So you have a GPS tracking system that connects your phone to your computer and lets you tag its realtime location? I have a chindi phone. No one steals it.

3. You won’t be online 24×7. So you won’t get caught for making bahanas about being busy, thanks to the ‘Seen At’ feature.

Smartphones are oversmart. They leave you logged in and visible when you don’t want to be. And if that was not enough, there’s even “seen at”

4. You have the perfect reason to not be in touch with people you don’t want to contact

No whatsapp, no facebook, no gchat, no hike, no bbm…no random people getting in touch whenever they want to.

5. You are happy with a phone that can call and text

For everything else, there is a laptop.

6. You feel no tearing hurry to read that email, upload that video or share that thought

…and you are glad that you’re taking things slow.

7. You think the world is better off without seeing inane pictures of you pouting at your camera in the bathroom

And you don’t want to be guilted into looking at theirs either.

8. You don’t need one more expensive thing in your life that you constantly have to worry about

“Oh no! My screen got scratched!” “Goddamnit! My os needs an update!” Bleh.

9. Instead, you can use that money on a number of other things that you’ll probably enjoy much more

Food. Books. Clothes. Travel.

10. You don’t have to be worried about losing it

It’s a cheap phone, you can easily replace it. The world is a better place with less things to worry about.

11. You don’t have to deal with all those inane apps and requests about them

An app that simulates popping a pimple, an app that simulates pouring water in a glass, an app that lets you “be the mayor” of someplace.

12. You live in the security of knowing that nothing can compromise your privacy

Breaching your privacy is going to take a lot more than just a misplaced phone.

13. You will never have to experience the pain that is pocket dialing your boss while bitching about them

Or putting them on hold during a conference call by mistake.

14. You are not going to let your phone rule over your life.

It’s just another gadget. You can live without it.

Do you opt to live without a smartphone as well? Share your reasons with us in the comment section!