Summers are here and how. The sun shines a little brighter everyday and even a little stroll makes you sweat. You wish the sky would rain relief upon the sad, dry lands. But it’s actually very simple to make yourself love the season. How? Food is the answer! With all the seasonal specialties, you can fix yourself some awesome dishes with absolute ease.

Here are some absolutely wonderful dishes to chill your summers :

1. Cucumber Canapes

Fresh, green cucumbers which vanish in your mouth behind a lot of crunchy sounds make summer food perfect. They are light and can be accommodated in a lot of dishes. You could try making something fancy and simple with them, like beautiful canapes. Find the recipe here


2. Mango and Banana Overnight Oats

Mangoes make summers special. And banana is the humble fruit available all-year round. Why not use them to make a mind-blowing breakfast? Overnight oats are so much better than regular oats with fruits. The cold dish is power-packed and so delicious! Recipe here .

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3. Gazpacho

This Spanish specialty is super easy to make. And can be customised according to your taste and the condition of your refrigerator. It is cool and wouldn’t it be refreshing to have something different on your table? Find an awesome recipe here

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4. Lauki Yakhni

Lauki is technically the dark horse of vegetables. You don’t see how good it can be until you try. Lauki yakhni is an amazing way to test the capabilities of lauki. It is cooling for your stomach and so yummy! Recipe here

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5. Frozen Yogurt

Now we love ice cream. Also frozen yogurt. What can quench the deep rising pangs of summer heat better? Homemade Froyo! It is healthy so you don’t have to count the calories and so simple that you can make some everyday! Find recipes here.


6. Kokum Curry

An amazing cooler from the Goan region, the drink is prepared using the Kokum fruit which has excellent cooling properties. It is excellent for your stomach during summers and does not take much time to make. Find an authentic recipe here .


7. Watermelon Salads

Watermelons with their wonderful red colour are perhaps the coolest fruits. Their swag shines through in these tasteful salad recipes here. Why not fix yourself a plate of some goodness to fight your hunger?


8. Coconut Sherbet

Coconut water is wonderful to fight heat related illnesses like dehydration. Not to forget that it is delicious. If you feel the need to accommodate it in a refreshing form in your diet, you could make some sherbet by following this recipe here .

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9. Maangai Sadam (Raw Mango Rice)

Raw mangoes are perhaps the best gift we get from summers. They are wonderful to eat when tempered with salt and spices. But you can totally go a step ahead and make something amazing like raw mango rice. Find the recipe here .


10. Ice Box Cakes

Who says no to some sweet, creamy, cold, chocolatey goodness? No one! Ice box cakes are the perfect solution to your sweet-tooth’s cravings during the summers. Not only do they bring relief to you by helping you chill, the possibilities of creating your own version are endless. Find some recipes here .

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11. Raitas

Nothing cools your stomach better than curd. By fixing yourself a bowl of raita with summer veggies or fruits, you can manage to fight dehydration and derive several nutrient’s benefits too! Over and above that, the versatile nature of raitas allows them to mingle with a lot of dishes/sides like Biryani and nachos. Find some fantastic recipes here .

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12. Thaaire Sadam

Curd rice is the best comfort food to rely upon during the summers. It takes close to no time to prepare and can be customised to suit different tastes. The relief of shoving bowl after bowl of curd rice down your throat will help you relax and keep your cool. Find recipe here .


13. Kachhi Kairi ki Chutney

Kacchi Kairi is a special gift that summers bring for us. If you can make an amazingly basic chutney out of them by following this recipe here , you can make an amazing number of summer dishes.

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14. Popsicles

You can make popsicles which are chilled to the core, but melt your heart in no time by following these recipes here . Healthier than ice creams and filled with goodness, your refrigerator will keep running out of them. And you don’t need to feel guilty about loving them. Ever!

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Help yourself to these dishes and relish your love for summers.