How many times have we heard these lines? We live in a time when people think it is cool to have an opinion and even cooler to have one about women. From what we wear to where we go, we are constantly under the scanner and get flak for being ourselves.

“Oh my god! Look at that mini skirt. Such a slut.”

“Look at her drinking like a man. What a bitch.”

“She parties with guys all the time. Bitch kahi ki.”

Here are 10 things on which people judge women, but they don’t necessarily make you a bitch:

1. Wearing short clothes

2. Abusing

What the fuck is your problem again? Whatever it is, we don’t give a flying fuck about what you fucking think.

3. Saying no

If we say no, we mean it. If that makes us bitches, we don’t care.

4. Drinking ‘like a man’

Maine hotho se lagayi toooooh, hungama ho gaya?

5. Having many guy friends

Having more guy friends than girl friends only makes us less prone to a lot of drama, not bitches.

6. Applying make-up

Yes, we wear red lipstick and like looking and feeling pretty. Toh phir problem kya hai?

7. Being self-centered

We love ourselves more than we love everyone else in the world. That makes us fabulous, not bitches.

8. Socializing

Being outspoken and making new friends is not equivalent to being a bitch.

9. Making the first move

We don’t live in the 18 th century any more. If we decide to make the first move, that only proves our awesomeness, and if you think otherwise, your dumbness.

10. Being opinionated

Being strong, independent women and being aware of what’s happening around the world, we do have opinion that we like to express. That makes us fabulous, bitches!

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