For the longest time ever, you’ve found yourself thinking it all over and trying to figure out just what went wrong. You can’t believe that you fell for that crap, and you can’t believe you chose to turn a blind eye towards it all. But now that it’s over, you can finally move on with your life. Lessons learnt, strength regained. If you’ve ever had a manipulative girlfriend/boyfriend, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Here are a few things that you’ll understand if you’ve ever dated a manipulative jerk.

1. You feel liberated now.

It’s like a huge load is finally off your chest. You didn’t even realise just restrictive the relationship was! Now that it’s all over, you’re beginning to see life in a whole new light.

2. It hurt like a bitch, and for a really long time.

You were so invested in the relationship, that you feel empty without it. Everything reminded you of good times. Except you knew, that they weren’t all good.

3. You reconnected with your friends and family after a long phase of ignoring them for the relationship.

It’s like they completely vanished in the background while you were in that relationship. You never realised you felt so alone because you were so cut off from your support system.

4. You have learnt to see yourself as the awesome person that you are.

If your ex had their way, you’d always believe that you’re pathetic, miserable and pretty much nothing without them. But guess what? It’s over, they’re gone, and you’re right over there. In fact, you’re better than you’ve been in a long time.

5. You have actually have time to pursue your own interests and it never fails to surprise you.

It’s amazing. Did the days have just as many hours while you were in the relationship? Yes, they did. You just spent that time doing your ex’s share of chores, making their lives simpler and following their advise.

6. You have found your own voice, and you love it.

If your ex could have their way, you’d basically be a mouthpiece of everything that they believed in. Now that you’re single, you can finally air your own opinions and be proud of your voice!

7. Decision making has become that much more exciting and stress free.

Once you realise that you can actually decide for yourself without having to take into account your ex’s opinion, or life, or existence; you realise how liberating making decisions can be!

8. You gain strength and confidence.

If you can ride through this, you can ride through anything.

9. Unlike before, you can actually flirt with hot girls/guys and still not have a bag of guilt dumped on you.

Just FYI, it’s so much better than being taken to task by your partner about people you weren’t even looking at.

10. You spend a lot more time enjoying your life, as opposed to fighting over stupid things now.

No more manipulation, no more guilt trips!

11. Your patience and tolerance for bullshit has gone up quite a few notches thanks to your ex.

You can actually handle obnoxious people without wanting to kill them, thanks to your experiences!

12. But at the same time, you have learnt not to let people take you for a ride.

You’re not a doormat, and people can’t treat you like that!

13. You have stopped caring about people’s expectations and started living for yourself.

You realise that trying to live your life by other people’s rule is just an impossible game that you can never win at. It’s way better to just live for yourself.

14. You can finally do all the crazy things you want to, without the fear of judgement!

No more answering, no more worrying about what he/she will say!

15. You know which guys/girls to totally avoid when you go shopping for your next partner.

16. You strive towards becoming a better person, because now you know exactly what you don’t want yourself to be.

17. It feels great when you catch up with your old mutual friends, and they’re completely amazed by how successful you are right now.

18. At least once, you’ve spent a lazy evening stalking your ex and comparing your achievements with them.

19. And though you’ve moved on, and wish them the best in life, you can’t help but feel a pang of joy when you realise that you’re actually doing better than them.

20. Because you know that the best way to give it back to them, is to become better than they’d ever imagined you could be.

Take that, you jerk!

21. Last but not the least, that feeling when you receive drunk calls from them asking you to take them back.

Well, it was bad while it lasted. But now that it’s over, you know you’re better for the experience! So keep calm and continue to be the awesome person that you are!