Dear men,

Don’t get me wrong. You’re awesome. You’re fantastic, and you’re downright hot. But you might want to consider some of those super smooth moves you try on your girls all the time. They’re not working. It’s kind of like how you think girls are always having pillow-fights in their undies in sleepovers. They’re not. Just no.

1. Weird pick up lines

No. Nope. Just don’t even try it.

2. Soaking yourself in deodorants

A little spray here and there is nice. But walking into a room literally marinating in Axe is not helping you. It’s probably worse than the BO you’re trying to mask.

3. Cracking lame jokes

It’s true, a good sense of humour is rather sexy. Lame jokes on the other hand have the exact opposite effect on most girls. Besides, why would anyone crack a joke knowing that it’s a bad one?

4. Flaunting your cash

I hate to break your heart, but not all the girls you find out there are gold diggers. Flaunting your moolah only makes you look obnoxious and arrogant.

5. Being rude to waiters/subordinates

Nothing entitles you to be a jerk to people, and no one is impressed by a disrespectful git. It’s one of those things that could ruin your date even if everything else was in place.

6. Showing off your man-boobs

It’s just weird. Really, really weird.

7. Boasting about your ‘skills’ and ‘conquests’

Trust me, we’ll find out for ourselves if we intend to go that way. Until then, all of that information is completely unnecessary and super creepy.

8. Blaring Honey Singh on loud from your car

You’re getting NOWHERE with girls if you’re letting him do the talking for you. Really? Seriously? Besides, what kind of a person goes around imposing their taste in music on others like that?

9. Playing hard-to-get

Everyone can see through your game. Being manipulative is not sexy. At all.

10. Going overboard with the whole well-mannered thing

We get it. You’re sweet, well mannered and a true gentleman. But apologising every time you so much as look the other way is just strange and annoying. Be confident! No one looks good when they’re busy worrying over things.

11. Wearing clothes so tight it could cut off your blood circulation

So you worked out twice, and now you have biceps that look big if you look at them through a microscope. Time to bring out the skin-tight clothes! Not.

12. Chest hair. Lots and lots of chest hair

It’s true, God made you that way. But trust me, we have enough wooly, fuzzy things to feel comfy with. When girls get cosy, most prefer a man over a grizzly bear.

13. Being a painful know-it-all

Your extensive knowledge is impressive only when it doesn’t come at the cost of making other people deliberately look bad. We get it, you are super smart. But you’re also a jerk who can’t stop showing off.

14. Being too macho for your own good

Think about it. You are so much more than your overbearing manliness. Stop obsessing over being a knight in shining armour, and just enjoy your time with an independent individual who’s fairly capable of protecting herself.

But frankly guys, you’re the sexiest when you are yourselves. Don’t sweat it over appearances. Girls love you when you are comfortable in your skin.