I know, I know. You’ve had this discussion numerous times with yourself. “Am I meant to be single all my life? Why don’t I feel the urge to get into a relationship?”.

Don’t worry, you’re not abnormal. Nor are you mutated. It’s just that… well, it’s just that there are too many reasons for me to sum up in one line. So, here are 15 possible reasons why you’re better off alone.

1. You have too much fun with your friends.

2. You barely managed to come out alive of your past relationship.

3. You never get the ‘signals’ opposite sex is trying to give you.

4. The only person who can understand you… is you.

5. You’re too much in love with yourself.

6. You’re too scared that you might screw things up by getting into a relationship.

7. The idea of kissing someone sounds awkward to you.

8. You hate talking on the phone for long hours.

9. You hate physical displays of affection.

10. You hate sharing your stuff.

11. You’re just too ambitious.

12. You have trust issues.

13. You have too much fun all by yourself.

14. You’ve seen the condition of your committed friends.

15. You think love is a waste of time.

Hey, don’t let this article sway your decision. Like Rancho, do what your heart tells you to do. All will be well!