I am guessing you clicked on this article because the yellow bird bothered you. Okay maybe it didn’t really bother you but you knew it was out of place and you’re wondering if you have OCD. Well, let me tell you something. You do. You have OCD.

Here are 18 points that will convince you that you have OCD:

2. Does it bother you that I started with #2 instead of #1?

4. And I’m guessing you aren’t too happy that I skipped #3.

Well, that’s your crazy obsession with order. Woohoo, you have OCD.

5. YOu wash yoUr HAnds eVEry fOur minutes Crazily with a hanDwash.

According to research, a computer keyboard is 5 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Did you just think of washing your hands? Just saying!

6. Did the messed up casing of #5 bother you?

OCD alert!

7. By the way, did you notice that if you string all the alphabets in #5 in upper case, there’s a secret message for you.

Please don’t tell me you noticed that even before I told you, because in that case you have OCD of another level. Consult a doctor right away.

8. I’m SUre aS yOU rEAd tHis point, YoU arE THInking to yOuRseLf That even THis hAS SOme hiDDen MeSSAGE.

It doesn’t. My Name is Danny not Dan (Brown). I don’t go around encrypting secret messages in every sentence. I just wrote it to prove that your OCD always gets the better of you. Like it just did.


Source : Please Don’t Click Me

10. Sometimes all it takes to bug you is a blank #9 in a list of 18.

11. Incorrect splleings irritate the shit out of you.

I pity you, you OCD patient! *wicked laugh*

12. itsapaintoreadsentenceslikethesewithincorrectspacingandpunctuation


By now, you know that I’m just messing with you. Do you feel like hitting me right now for giving you all this crap? Oh c’mon admit it. It’s because your OCD just kicked in. By the way, #7 applies to #13 as well. Trust me, I’m not taking your case this time.

14. You have a thing for symmetry. Don’t believe me? Let these images do the talking.

Source5: emgn
Source5: emgn
Source: ezday
Source5: emgn

15. Did the last picture bother you because it’s smaller than the rest?

A picture speaks a thousand words… Or sometimes it just speaks three alphabets in caps.

Source: mhalc

16. You have an incessant habit of double checking things.

Are you sure you locked the door of your house this morning? Do you want to check? Are you feeling bad that you can’t do it now?

17. You feel restless when things aren’t delivered as promised.

Well, the headline says ’18’ but I’ve ended at ’17’. Ouch! You think you can do anything about it? No? Double ouch!

My dear friend, if any of these points bothered you, I seriously don’t give a damn. You should be the one giving one. You have OCD. Go get it treated.

Time to wash your hands, weirdo!