Elephants don’t forget a thing, they say! Unfortunately, we are only human beings! And we forget things ALL THE TIME! Some of us more than the others. It’s almost like God was creating us and decided that it would be really funny if we had occasional bouts of forgetfulness! Well, it’s not funny, God! If you have a weak memory, you’ll know what we’re talking about!

Here are 12 signs that you have a hard time remembering things!

1. Talk for fifteen minutes with a new colleague and completely forget his name the next day.

2. Piss off several family members and close friends by forgetting their birthdays!

3. Eagerly wait for a particular TV program all week but totally forget to watch it on the day.

4. Misplace your keys at least a hundred times and end up searching for it for hours.

5. Promise to return someone’s call but it totally slips your mind and you remember it only a day or two later if you’re lucky!

6. Keep forgetting your ATM pin and has to refer to the ‘Notes’ app on your phone every time you have to withdraw money.

7. You find yourself unable to remember an actor’s name or a movie’s name although it’s on the edge of your brain. And it drives you mad!

8. Frequently ask the IT guy to reset your official e-mail password because you just can’t recall all those numbers and letters in CAPS!

9. Have reached half way through your destination before realising you left your phone/wallet at home!

10. You have locked yourself out of your car at least half a dozen times because you forgot to take the key out!

11. Even if you visit a place a couple of times you still have no idea how to reach there!

12. When you take five minutes just to write down your own home address correctly!