It’s Monday morning again. Back to the grind. Back to work or college or school or wherever it is that you have to go back to on a Monday morning. Basically, back to reality. But life wasn’t always like this, remember?

If you pause to think about it for a minute, life often flies by while you are thinking of what to wear and where to eat. And before you realise it, you are swept away in the monotony of life; far far away from your friends. The old friends. The real ones.

No one knows or understand you the way they do. Your deep dark secrets are safely tucked away in their secret box never to be shared with the world, as are your most embarrassing stories which they keep threatening you with. They are probably the only ones who know how mad you were about your first crush. The ones with whom a simple samosa at the canteen tasted sumptuous, and with whom you spent hours together making sense out of life and coming up with random silly plans.


These moments soon become a fleeting memory and age gets the better of you. I am sure you have a hectic life. Deadlines, special someones, or just too exhausted to actually make a plan and meet these friends.

But, hey! Who are we kidding? How much effort does it take to send a simple message saying hello or that you miss them ? Wouldn’t it be good to go back down memory lane and remember the good old days? They say you never realise how much you’ve grown until you meet your old friends. So, take out a minute, message the one you’ve been wanting to meet since forever, tell them you miss them, and make a plan.


It doesn’t matter that they didn’t message first. Forget the ego for once and pick up your phone. You are just a message away from revisiting life and yourself.

So, message an old friend today.