Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trending again after news of him skipping President Pranab Mukherjee’s Iftar party hit the circles, and has been hit with criticism from people all over the country, including politicians. Amongst the many who’re completely pissed with his decision to not attend the party on Wednesday, 15th July 2015, is Omar Abdullah.

Source: aljazeera

Here’s what a pissed off Omar Abdullah tweeted about PM Modi’s absence at the Iftar party for the second successive year.

As usual, Modi has put on the ‘haters gonna hate’ face. Given how he has always been criticized for his anti-Muslim stance, to miss the Iftar party second year in a row had to result in an outrage.

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Iftar parties are hosted every year during the Islamic month of Ramzan and thus, are closely watched by everyone in the country. However, due to Modi’s “prior engagements” he couldn’t attend it, again!

Here’s a PMO statement on this justifying his absence:

“The Prime Minister will chair a meeting with Chief Ministers from the North-Eastern states, including Sikkim, at 1900 hrs tomorrow. Important development projects related to these states and the entire North-Eastern region are likely to figure in this meeting.”

Source: Indiatoday

Modi’s Wednesday meeting. Source: Bjp

Interestingly, earlier in the day, Modi chaired the second meeting of the Governing Council of the NITI Aayog at his official residence in New Delhi. Last year too, he missed the party because he chose to travel to Mumbai instead.

It all boils down to a long, engaging debate, both online and offline. But is it as big a deal as it is made out to be? What do you think?