Every time someone mentions his or her boss, it’s always about ‘the boss from hell’. However, not all of them are always bad. Sometimes, you have one hell of a boss. Someone with whom you share a great chemistry and a fruitful bond. And when you have someone like that at work to report to, there are no Monday blues, there are no horror nights and there are no bad workdays. Whether it’s a he or a she, here are 15 signs that show that you have landed yourself, one hell of a boss!

1. Despite being your boss he doesn’t remind you every four minutes who the boss is!

2. He might have a decade more of experience than you but he still treats you like an equal.

3. While most bosses are like King Joffrey, this one is more like Robb Stark.

4. If you make a mistake, he talks to you privately instead of bringing it up in front of the others for the rest of the year.

5. He’s not credit hungry like some bosses. If it’s your idea, he has no problems screaming it from the top of the building.

6. You can enter his office and talk to him anytime about anything. You don’t have to take an appointment 5 years in advance.

7. He genuinely takes an interest in your personal life and helps you out with your other interests as well.

8. He’s aware that you are a colleague and not a work mule he ordered from Egypt.

9. He doesn’t shit on your weekends.

10. Sorry is NOT the hardest word for him. If he yells at you or makes a mistake he’s got the character to say sorry.

11. You actually look forward to having a drink or two with him.

12. He sticks by his word. He doesn’t change his stance the way Salman changes his girlfriends.

13.Unlike some bosses who think they are the leading cast of Gossip Girls, your boss doesn’t engage in office politics.

14. Your boss doesn’t want you to be a mosquito. As in he hates people who suck up!

15. He actually makes you want to make a difference to the company you work for instead of dreading about work every morning.