Some love telling them, some love to listen. Some are always on the lookout for one and some can’t sleep without one. Any way you look at it, everyone loves a good story.

Some stories make you turn pages and pages in sweet anticipation, while there are others like these that tell so much in a single sentence.

These wonderful stories compiled from Quora are just one sentence long, but they will fill you with many emotions:

By: Manasvi Batra

By: Vraj Patel

By: Sahil Patel

By: Prabhat Singh

By: Jai Mishra

By: Akshit Banta

By: Ash Vyas

By: Jai Mishra

By: Anangsha Alammyan

By: Abhinav Tyagi

By: Nishant Chauhan

By: Vishal Lahsiv

By: Nishant Chauhan

By: Sunanda Chaudhary

By: Lenin Gangwal