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May 06, 2015 at 22:36

15 Amazing One Line Stories That Will Linger On Your Mind Long After You’ve Read Them

by Shriparna Saha

Some love telling them, some love to listen. Some are always on the lookout for one and some can't sleep without one. Any way you look at it, everyone loves a good story.

Some stories make you turn pages and pages in sweet anticipation, while there are others like these that tell so much in a single sentence.

These wonderful stories compiled from Quora are just one sentence long, but they will fill you with many emotions:

By: Manasvi Batra

By: Vraj Patel

By: Sahil Patel

By: Prabhat Singh

By: Jai Mishra

By: Akshit Banta

By: Ash Vyas

By: Jai Mishra

By: Anangsha Alammyan

By: Abhinav Tyagi

By: Nishant Chauhan

By: Vishal Lahsiv

By: Nishant Chauhan

By: Sunanda Chaudhary

By: Lenin Gangwal

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