You are a pretty sorted person with a very specific lists of dos and don’ts. But like everything in life, even this has an exception. That exception is called your ‘best friend’. There are certain things that you will never ever even consider doing, until your best friend is part of that equation. Here are 15 things you’ll only do for your best friend:

1. You are the most peaceful, non-violent human being on Earth but if anyone lays a hand on your best friend, your boxing gloves will be on immediately.

2. Movies, matches, parties – you won’t give up your sleep for anything. But if your best friend calls up to complain about life at 2 in the night, you won’t think twice about picking up the call.

3. Your home is your sanctum sanctorum, your kingdom of solitude. But when your best friend comes over and plays loud ass music, leaving food crumbs on your couch, you somehow find it within you to let it slide.

4. Your stuff is your stuff. And there are no two ways about it. Unless your best friend wants to borrow it.

5. If someone else manages to borrow something from you and doesn’t return it on time, the beast within you gets unleashed. But your best friend can hang onto your stuff for ages and you won’t even notice!

6. There are some topics that are off-limits for anyone to joke about! Anyone! Except your best friend of course who has a diploma in joking about off-limit topics!

7. If there’s one thing no human being should go through it’s being the awkward third person with a new couple. But if your friend forces you to be there so things can go smoother for her/him, you will end up doing it for them.

8. You’re very, very particular about not lending your hard earned money to your friends or distant relatives. But if your best friend says “It’s sale season and I’m broke” then out comes the cash!

9. If there was a choice between swimming with sharks and waiting for someone, you’d prefer the former. That’s how much you hate waiting. Except when your best friend makes you wait! You still hate it but you would anyways do it.

10. You have high standards of morality and ethics! The only occasions when you have to compromise on them are when your best friend has been up to something mischievous!

11. If anyone dares say anything negative about the person you have a crush on, that’s the end of your acquaintance with that person. But your best friend has an ‘it’s ok’ card that he/she can use now and then.

12. There are some movies that are so stupid you just can’t sit through them even for a second! But if your best friend says, ‘Come on, it’ll be fun’, you will sit through the whole thing, even if you complain occasionally!

13. Being the first person to get on the dance floor or singing on karaoke nights despite being really, really bad at singing – you will only embarrass yourself like this at the request of your best friend!

14. If someone ever loses their temper with you and says something, you’d make sure you never speak to that person again. But when it comes to your best friend, this is more of a weekly occurrence!

15. There are days when you feel low and lose all self-belief. But when your best friend asks you to pick yourself up and keep going, you do it, just because your best friend said so!

Let your best friend know that despite all the craziness and the insanity, there’s nothing more valuable to you than the friendship you have!