Well let me start with a good old FUCK YOU . Why don’t you go ahead and shut me down. You absolute assholes. Here is All India Bakchod, one of India’s best comedy groups trying their best to break away from your Bollywood bullshit , and you guys decide to criticize them for it. Well fuck your censor board, and fuck your reality TV shows and your shitty SplittsVilla . Let’s not forget they donated 40 Lakhs to charity, more than your asses have done in a while.

You cannot stop people from expressing themselves. While some rules must be followed, stopping expression is criminal.

Did they use abusive language? Yes. Am I using abusive language? Yes. Do most people in this country say ‘Bhenchod’ and ‘Fuck’ and ‘Gandu’? Yes you Gandu, they do.

Let’s make a quick list of things that AIB didn’t do:

1. They did not start a riot.

2. They did not intend to start a riot. HERE

3. They did not really hurt anyone they spoke about.

4. They didn’t kill anyone.

Let’s make a list of things that AIB did do:

1. DONATED 40 FUCKING LAKHS TO CHARITY2. Brought a smile on most people’s face.3. Became a little more famous.4. Told a bunch of good jokes.5. Made a bunch of Karan Johar being gay jokes.6. Gave us another reason to stop watching shit like SplitsVilla.7. Brought Raghu Ram on the show for some strange reason. Maybe that guy will stop making stupid shit on TV now, and get a real job.

Let’s see what AIB has done in the past:

1. Made fucking hilarious videos. HERE 2. Spoke up for Deepika Padukone while basically taking TOI’s case to an extent that they should feel like shit for the next ten years. HERE 3. Saved Alia Bhatt’s reputation. HERE Oh wait, they took her case a bunch of times again.4. Made an amazing video with Kalki. HERE

I think the censor board has sticks shoved up their asses. Also they’re fighting this shit instead of focussing on all those movies like THIS that told Indian men for generations that it is ok to trouble women because they magically then fall in love with you.Ashoke Pundit, you are a complete fraud. Let that be heard. Maybe you felt a little left out. Does the censor board disapprove the word ‘Bhenchod’ everytime it’s uttered in a Bollywood film? Because if that were the case we’d have movies with fucking unicorns instead. So shut the fuck up asshole and suck an egg. The man of the hour is of course Akhilesh Tiwari, you fucking bastard you, don’t think we forgot you. No No, you’ll get your five minutes of fame. Do remember one thing though. It’s narrow minded pig headed fucks like you who the youth of this country despise. It’s what we want to rid our nation of. Acceptance is what we strive for. We are trying to make people like you understand that you cannot decide what is good for us anymore. Please get off your high horse and walk with the rest of us instead. Why doesn’t your Brahman Ekta Seva Sanstha do something productive instead of shitting on a party you weren’t invited to. No one asked you to get involved. Please fuck off. If you two want my advice, find a cliff, then jump off.

I don’t particularly like Karan Johar, but it took balls making a joke about his own sexuality. The fact that everyone laughed along, made it fun and perhaps even helped a random viewer accept homosexuality.To AIB, I salute you. I hope that you continue making videos like one you did with Kalki. I also hope you make a video about the hypocrisy of the censorship board and other government organizations. I think it’s time that they understood that we aren’t fucking stupid.I did not completely agree with all the jokes directed at Deepika, and I’m not sure if she would have appreciated all of them. I do think there were bits people could have not said. But humor is humor and it should be taken as humor. We as the people of this nation have a lot more fucked up shit to deal with. I implore you, you old fucks in power / in the censor board. Censor something worth censoring, make an issues out of real issues. Don’t waste our time with stupid shit. Oh and BTW, here is something that you guys should watch : NATIONAL GAALI

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