Fuck you Zameer Uddin Shah. I don’t give a fuck what you may have achieved in your life but you’re a an asshole. And probably one of the biggest ones I’ve heard of.

Why the fuck can’t female students go to a fucking library?

You and your fucked up system is denying an entire section of people access to education. While of course you’ve come up with ‘solutions’ like delivering the specific books to the women’s library, that’s not going to help your case.

What gives you the right to deny women and not men access to the library. If there is a shortage of space within the fucking library, how about limited entry on a first come first serve basis instead of being a sexist fucktard. How did you think the country would react to a statement made like that? Did you really think we would understand?

Do we really have to deal with your bullshit now? You in your fucking position should be inspiring the youth to develop this country and make it progressive, not put them back in the dark ages.

And if boys want to go to the library because there are girls there, either let them, or deny them entry. How the fuck do you get to decide which sex goes into the library? If men are the problem, stop them. Heck maybe some of those boys will study now. Fuck.

This brings up a few other instances of gender bias which I would like people reading this to be aware of.

I recently had the the displeasure of attending a wedding. And oh my fucking god do some Indian weddings have issues.

Let me tell you what I saw. The bride was made to put rose petals at the groom’s feet. While he stood on a fucking stool. Yup, he is supposedly equivalent to a god and her job is to worship him.

Now I have no problem with either the bride or the groom. But fucking hell they took part in something that modern India needs to do away with.

The story isn’t over yet. How could it be? I’m writing a fucking post about it. The best part and the bit I enjoyed listening to the most was when the priest fucker took a mic and told the bride that her job was to walk one step behind her husband. How the fuck does that work?

The husband is the equivalent to Ishwar(god) and she should obey him all the time. She should never go against what he says. She should never come first. In a successful marriage this is what happens.

Well fuck the priest. Fuck him. Fuck Indian male centric tradition. He told the bride that her place was in the fucking house and that her job as the groom’s wife was to have his children. While the groom was told in a joking manner to forget any other ‘girlfriends’, she was told to not look at other men at all. Maybe I didn’t understand what was happening completely, but fuck this shit.

I just saw an episode of Satyamev Jayate. The first one I’ve seen ever. It was sick and saddening to hear stories of men who’ve been brought up thinking that they are superior and more powerful than not only other men, but women too. Its fucking shameful that I live in a country where there are families that believe a woman’s place is in the kitchen and that women should not be educated past the 5th grade.

Aamir Khan is doing something fucking brilliant with that show, and this episode in particular talked about bullying in schools/colleges, acid attacks, the male mindset and also had Deepika Padukone, Parineeti Chopra, Kangana Ranaut come in.

I lived isolated from these issues like most of you. And these issues thanks to social media and the internet are right in our faces. Perhaps you should open your fucking eyes and see what’s happening.

Young boys are told not to cry as kids. They’re told not to feel, not to respect their sisters and wives. Fucking hell. What the fuck is going on. Why the fuck isn’t anything happening about it?

Don’t defend yourselves by saying that you aren’t a part of this shit. Because every time you don’t speak out, and every time you stay silent or turn a blind eye, you’re a participant. You’re one of those disgustingly badly brought up fuckers that bring a bad name to this country and to humanity as a whole. Humanity is fucked because silent blind people like you exist. Fuck you.

This country will never change because you assholes will always be more interested in Flipkart’s failed sale and the newest item song in bollywood movies.

While you can be proud of your country, I don’t see a reason to be proud. All I see is a place that needs years and years of work. If we stop fucking watching things happen as though it’s a TV show and just give a fuck for a few minutes maybe that’s all it would take to start bringing about an improvement to this fucked up mess.

Oh and while you people are out their partying and not giving a fuck. If you go watch Interstellar, PVR fucking cinemas will screen this advert.


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