“Love will keep us alive”, sang the Eagles but I beg to differ slightly. Replace ‘love’ with ‘food’ and it makes so much sense. Food is my first and last love. Unlike that special someone, it’s at my disposal whenever I need it. I am addicted to food because it literally is a call away. If you also find yourself in the same position, I am sure you’ll relate to these points:

1. The biggest question hounding you all the time is, “What to eat?”

2. You have the number of all the home delivery places saved on your phone.

3. You have all the pamphlets and menus all around the house.

Source: synergyy.com

4. The delivery guy recognises you and vice versa.

5. You know of all the jugaadu places to deliver food even after the clock strikes 12.

6. You don’t have to give your address when you place orders anymore.

7. Sometimes you don’t even have to ask for the bill amount.

You know the prices by heart.

8. Whenever your friends need to order something, you are the go-to person.

9. You are always looking for new places to order from.

10. You’ve ordered so much from some places that you’re sick of them now.

11. You remember the menus by heart.

12. Half your life is spent waiting for your order to be delivered.

13. But when it does come, life seems perfect!

14. When you get lucky and the pizza is delivered past the 30-minute deadline, this is how you feel…

15. And when you’re forced to eat home food…

Feature Image: whatshelikes.in