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There are only a few things in this world which can be regarded as perfect. Actually, the general consensus is that there’s only one and it’s a cream-filled chocolate sandwich. Okay, we made that up. But seriously, everything about Oreo is just so perfect. Even their doodles! Here’s a list of some really creative ones which will make you drool:

Beware: Some of them will make you munch your screen off!

1. In search for a tasty treasure.

2. How about a walk in outer space?

3. Around the world, one bite at a time.

4. The tastiest snowman. EVER.

5. Now, that’s one hell of a delicious eye-patch!

6. Up for a playful breakfast?

7. This shark really has a sweet tooth for Oreo.

Source: Reena Jha | Facebook

8. How about some delicious makeup?

9. “We come from the land of chocolate & cream”

Source: Aashi Salain | Facebook

10. Twist, lick, dunk & twirl!

Now don’t just twist, lick & dunk, but also #PlaywithOreo. Check out its Facebook , Twitter & Instagram page for more details.