Every year in India, nearly 5 lakh people suffering from organ failure die due to unavailability of organs. India has only 0.08 organ donors per million population (PMP) which is a significantly low number as compared to the need and demand of the country as large as ours. This grim figure is indicative of our nonchalance coupled with lack of awareness about organ donation.

So on this Organ Donation Day, how about you acquaint yourself with organ donation.

1. You can impact 58 lives

2. But, not every donor’s organs can be used for transplantation after death

3. There’s no minimum age. 3-year-old Anjana is the youngest organ donor in Kerala.

Source global-news.info

4. Carry your organ donor registration card all the time

5. You can change your mind at any time

6. No donation takes place without family’s consent

7. Organ donation does not leave your body disfigured

8. For those waiting for a new hope of life, register yourself as an organ donor on any of the links below

What are you thinking about? Do your part and register as an organ donor here , here , or here.

Source nithin.dunked.com

Let’s spread awareness and make this Organ Donation Day count.