We’re living in an age where our idea of being social is mostly limited to our interaction online. As advanced as we are as human beings in the 21st century, there are some basic things that have taken a back seat. Here are 10 things that are wrong with our generation:

1. We spend more time ‘adding friends’ than making ever-lasting friendships.

2. We’re more interested in downloading wallpapers of beautiful places than actually taking time out to visit those places.

3. We use less words and more ‘emoticons’ and ‘memes’ to express ourselves.

4. We spend more time staring at our phone screens than gazing at the beautiful creations of nature around us.

5. Ours is a generation where success and happiness equals the amount of money you have in your account and not in simply doing what your heart desires and leading a content life.

6. We have a thousand celebrities but only a handful of heroes.

7. We embrace TV shows where ordinary people are judged and mocked publicly by washed up celebrities instead of embracing programmes that test our intelligence and make us think.

8. Big-budget Bollywood movies with flimsy scripts and obnoxious plots rule the box office while bold and adventurous cinema disappear from the theatres unnoticed.

9. Fighting for social causes in today’s world means just putting up a status update on Facebook instead of getting out there and actually making a tangible difference.

10. We know more about the lives of movie stars and their lives than the legacy of our nation and its freedom fighters.

This generation holds lot of potential & promise. If we let go off all the things that stop us from achieving bigger things, we turn into the generation that our future generation looks up to & sets an example on.