There are things we should do and shouldn’t do. While we end up doing some of things we should and some of the things we shouldn’t, there are quite a few in both these categories that we end up doing more than we should.

These posters illustrate 8 such things which all of us are guilty of overdoing:

1. Life is what happens in the background when you’re too busy staring into your smartphone.

2. When was the last time you resolved to lose weight!

3. We all decide to save up, but how many of us succeed in doing so?

4. Every single one of us is guilty of this one.

5. Even something as simple as 34 + 45. We use Google for everything these days!

6. Wiser words have never been spoken!

7. Let someone else talk for a change.

8. Last but definitely not least…

These awesome posters were designed by Mintified .