Having an overprotective older sibling is both a blessing and a curse. They are always looking out for you like your parents but it can go a little overboard sometimes. You cannot do anything about it because as much as you feel you don’t need them, you actually do.

They care about you and in spite of all the fighting and cursing, you value them immensely. Here are 15 things you will relate to if you have an overprotective older sibling:

1. You have to tell them everything.

It is only human to miss out on some things from time to time but who will make them understand?

2. You know exactly how they will react whenever you do something silly.

Why? Because that is how your parents also react.

3. You cannot argue with them over anything because their final argument would always be “I am older.”

Eventually, this dialogue becomes a lecture!

4. It’s like having a third parent.

When your parents leave you home with your sibling chances of you doing the “forbidden things” are still very low.

5. Chances of them telling on you in front of your parents are very high.

They always want to be the goodie-two-shoes your parents can trust.

6. But whenever you get into trouble outside home, they always have your back

Whether you run out of pocket money or get into trouble at school/college, you can always rely on them.

7. If they support your dating life, you will recieve non-stop dating tips.

They claim they know better about dating and will dump every relationship advice they have on you.

8. But if your boyfriend/girlfriend dumps you, chances of them being mad at you are more.

“It is your fault.” “I told you he/she wasn’t right for you.” “You should have just taken my advice”

9. They will never talk about their problems but will get mad at you if you don’t.

Why can’t they understand that you understand? Such hypocrites!

10. For them, you are always the ‘immature little kid’ who needs to grow up.

Sometimes you really wish they would think otherwise.

11. It is just unfair that they can go on late night outs, college trips, vacations, etc. with friends but you cannot!

You really want them to trust you more.

12. They always want to help you with everything.

They’re just too used to helping you.

13. Having said that, you know they know more than you and therefore you always value their opinion.

Even if it is unwanted and aggravating.

14. You don’t understand how they can worry about everything you do!

They honestly worry way too much.

15. But at the end of the day, you are glad to have someone looking out for you all the time.

Yes, they might be a pain in the ass some of the times but they are your lifesavers most of the times . They care about you the most and that’s all that matters.

Growing up with an overprotective older sibling might have been tough and frustrating but then, life wouldn’t have been the same without them. And ultimately, you’re glad to have them. Cheers to this wonderful bond!