Monsoon. The season that always makes me nostalgic. Skipping school because it’s pouring outside. Playing football in the rain. Relishing freshly made butta . And making paper boats! How can anyone ever get over that? Wasn’t it so much fun? Now, while the raindrops keep flooding the roads outside, prepare to relive those memories with these paper boat tutorials. It’ll surely bring back that childlike zest in you.

The traditional paper boat

Our all-time favourite! It’s probably the only kind of paper boat you ever made, unless, of course, you were fascinated by the beautiful art called origami. For a refresh, here’s a video by WatchingWoolykal that shows you how to quickly make one.

The sampan paper boat

This one’s amongst the most commonly spotted boats in China. Julien Aerono teaches you how to make the small, flat-bottomed boat.

The motorboat

As complicated as it looks, this boat is pretty easy to make. All you need to do is be careful about aligning the folds well. Just follow the instructions in this tutorial by TCGames , and you shall have your very own origami motorboat.

Paper boats are fun. I’d love to see pictures of boats made by you guys. Do share some, in the comments below, or on twitter – @enigmagnetic .

Feature Image Source: John Morgan via