Did you know that most people don’t know how to pack properly? Packing efficiently for a trip actually has a science behind it and when the “scientific way” is followed, you can save on a lot of space and money (no extra baggage). So, bookmark this article because here are some handy tips on how to pack efficiently:

1. Store your necklaces in individual plastic bags to prevent them from tangling.

No more, sitting on the edge of your hotel bed trying to untangle your favourite piece of bling.


2. Slip all your breakable items into socks.

Afraid of damaging your perfume bottle? Then, simply slip it into a sock and travel stress free.


3. Use pill boxes or old lip balms to store jewelry like rings and earrings.

Separate the rings from the earrings by stacking them in to individual box. This way you won’t ever lose anything precious.

Source: Pinterest

4. Roll up all your clothes.

You won’t believe just HOW much space you will save.

Source: Home Caprice

5. Want to carry a bottle of wine? Use your shoe to store it.

Some airlines don’t allow you to hand carry a bottle of wine, so cleverly place it inside your shoes and check it in with your other luggage.

6. The best way to ensure that the shape of your delicates remains intact during your travels is by doing this.

7. Are you carrying some cute studs and are afraid they will get lost in all the luggage?

Then use spare buttons to store these little babies.

Source: Cosmopolitan

8. If you are taking clothes that crush easily, simply fold them inside a dry cleaning bag.

The bag will protect it from getting creased.

Source: Vip Bags

9. To avoid your creams and shampoos from exploding, remove their cap, place a plastic sheet on it, and close it.

This way, even if it spills, it won’t soil the stuff in side your suitcase.

Source: Style Motivation

10. Use shower caps to store shoes.

And then use the space in your shoes to store more things!

Source: The Voyaging

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