You may do short weekend trips every now and then with your friends, but there are some travel plans that never get beyond the planning phase. Every time you meet your friends for drinks, every time you celebrate your parents’ anniversary or your own, somebody proposes an amazing ‘plan,’ and almost every time, it never takes off.

Here are 20 reasons why you should stop planning trips, pack your bags and just go on the trip you have always wanted to.

1. Planning kills spontaneity.

Planning kills the fun element a trip is supposed to have. You planned to visit a monument but you feel like going to a beach party. Do what you feel like because you are there to enjoy.


2. You fail to notice the details while obsessing over the schedule.

When on a schedule, you miss small details. You won’t notice how good local food is when you have something else on you to-do list.


3. Over-planning stresses you out unnecessarily.

Plans never work out the way you want. And nothing sucks more than having a plan and not sticking to it. One more reason to not plan things.


4. You can never prepare enough.

No matter how much you plan, you will always end up with some things left for the last moment. Don’t prepare yourself for everything and just wait to be surprised.


5. You’re wasting your time waiting for THAT friend to join in.

Waiting for friends to confirm for the road-trip? Don’t or you’ll end up wasting precious time. Pack your bag with all that you would need and travel alone. There are so many beautiful places which are waiting for you.


6. You are running out of time.

We get older by every passing day and planning will make you lose the valuable time you could have spent seeing the amazing things this world has to offer.


7. Your couch won’t offer you this amazing view.

Some people end up spending their lives in one location. Don’t be one of those people. Travel. The only big cost would be that of a ticket. You can have inexpensive food in different corners of the world but only when you step out of that couch, pack your bags and travel.


8. Travelling without a plan will surprise you in many ways.

Once you plan your trip, you know what to expect. It is no more a new thing to discover. However, if you pack your bags and just go where you have always wanted you, you might end up seeing things you have never heard of before.


9. It’s time you explore real challenges, not just office deadlines.

Any trip guarantees to bring a lot of challenges. Be it security checks at the airport or Visa issues, you learn to handle and be calm in every situation.


10. On your death-bed you won’t recall the money you spent on that cool phone or that gorgeous dress.

Putting money on a trip is more enriching than buying something else. You are buying not just a trip but spontaneity that you’ll cherish all life long.


11. If you need a break from your boring schedule, NOW is the time.

Nothing relieves you from hassles of life more than a trip unplanned. It’s relaxing to go out, explore different things and not think about your old daily routine.


12. It will make you proud of yourself.

Every trip makes you a little stronger than you were before, thanks to the challenges you successfully faced. Also, you will have a lot of stories to brag about. Ever thought about that?


13. A lot of nice people are waiting to know you.

On good trips, you might end up making friendships that last for life. You might end up being really good friends with people you meet in Spain or Africa, who knows?


14. How about finding out what Chinese food actually tastes like… in China!

You know chowmein and sushi and pizza in India taste different from the original ones, right? Well, you will only know once you taste it all. FOOD is such a big reason to just pack your bag and leave, right now!


15. It’s better to pack your bags NOW than to regret forever.

Usually, you will never regret where you have been, you will only regret not seeing, meeting, eating enough.


16. Forgot what a fun-loving person you were? Meet yourself again!

Going on a trip will make you realize how self-sufficient you are. You will realize how you can end up doing a great thing, without actually planning it.


17. You can’t learn slang in different languages by joining a class.

The best way to learn a language is to learn it from the ones who speak it, not from some classes you joined near your home. Communicating different ideas to different people from the world is refreshing and you need to try it.


18. It’s time to explore new ideas and horizons.

You might feel something about a cuisine or people of some country. Travelling to that place puts all your preconceived ideas and notions in the dustbin. Heard a lot about Mexican gangsters? Don’t believe till you see it.

19. You will learn how much is too much.

On an unplanned trip, you put yourself at test and sometimes, you end up being good at something you never knew you were capable of.


20. Because THIS is waiting for YOU!


So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now!