We recently told you about Pakistani actor Faisal Qureshi’s hate speech against Saif Ali Khan and India. Filled with hate and anger, the speech was outrightly disgusting.

Now it’s natural for an Indian to get angry listening to those spiteful words, but it’s heartening to see a Pakistani writer asking him to kindly shut the fuck up.

MA Trainfan

Writing for a blog for the Express Tribune, writer Noman Ansari blatantly tells Faisal, that his:

video was even more offensive than the movie he was targeting

and that he’d

never seen such a potent combination of misogyny, sexism , and misdirected saber rattling, packed into a 12-minute long video .’


Apart from Noman, several people have been criticizing Faisal’s outburst on social networking websites.

Shaan Taseer

Noman adds:

We aren’t against Pakistan, Qureshi. We’re against you. Who do you think appointed you Captain Pakistan?

Ikram Yousefzai

The article also highlights how in his hate trail, Faisal ended up insulting a respected Pakistani journalist like Faraz Talat.

The Tribune

You can read the entire article right here , people. It makes a lot of sense.