Justin Bieber is a worldwide pop sensation and we have all talked about how awesome (or not), the 21-year-old is. But the singer would never have imagined that a young Pakistani sister duo would get popular crooning to his popular song, ‘Baby.’

Pakistani sisters Saania and Muqqadas Tabaydar sang the song on the streets of Pakistan and gathered mass attention soon after the video was recorded and uploaded on YouTube. The duo became celebs overnight and even got covered by BBC World ! Here, you can see them singing the song on the streets with their mother on percussion.

Interestingly, the sisters can hardly speak in English but learnt the song by heart after transcribing it in Urdu.

Source I BBC

After the instant fame, they now aspire to travel the world and meet Bieber. Clearly, the popstar’s love transcends even beyond language boundaries!

Source I http://www.mstarz.com