It’s great to live on your own. More ‘me’ time, less orders to be followed. And you’ve worked a lot to get here. You studied hard, did overtime at work, let go of boyfriends who wanted you to quit your job and discovered yourself.While you’ve loved the journey, you know that it isn’t always rosy in your single, independent girl land now, is it?

1. You’re too responsible to date college boys but 30-somethings keep bringing up the forbidden M word.

2. Banks are your worst enemy. Every visit to this unholy land involves a lot of confusion. No, really, Y U NO be easier?

3. It isn’t college anymore. Weekends aren’t about partying. Now you find yourself spending an unhealthy amount of time watching sitcoms instead.

4. That four letter word that invokes instant horror in you. No, not love. It’s RENT.

5. Nothing fun ever happens before 9pm. You’re too tired to step out after 9pm.

Instead, you find yourself doing stuff like this…

6. You’ve heard “Shadi kar lo” more times than you’ve watched your favourite episode of Friends.

7. Your boss thinks it’s okay to give you more work than others because you don’t have gharwale to attend to.

8. Your pet peeve is that people don’t understand your need for space.

“Yaar, thoda adjust kar lo.”

9. Cooking. Most independent guys get away with the ‘A Maggi A Day’ mantra, but your mom wants you to learn cooking for your “future”.

Thanks, mom. But I’m going to stick to take out for a while.

10. You can only ‘aww’ at cute puppy/kitten photos on Facebook. There’s no way you can adopt one.

11. When you finally get time to go out on a nice date, all you find in your cupboard is office wear and comfy shorts.

Darn it.

12. Most people think you’re living alone because you haven’t found yourself a husband.

“Kyun beta, akele kyun rahoge?”

13. You tend to miss your salon appointments because there’s always some housework keeping you busy.

Yay, it’s grocery shopping day…not.

14. Guys often think you are in need of their help (at ALL times).

“But how can you fix your pipes? You poor thing.”

15. Everyone including your baai gives you life lessons.

“Baby ji, aap thoda essersize kiya karo.

16. You’d love to study more, but first you need to clear out old loans.

17. This is what teens think about you.

18. Your laundry bag is waiting for you. You’re welcome.

But no matter how hard it gets, you know you’d trade this life for nothing. Admit it, most times being an independent, single woman is pretty awesome.